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Add-on marketplace / Fishbowl Warehouse - Manufacturing

Complete inventory management system without replacing Reckon Accounts.
Fishbowl Inventory can meet the needs of companies that require more streamlined inventory control, multi-location stock control, unlimited pricing structures, forecasting, bill of materials and manufacturing control. The system also automates the quoting, ordering and purchasing processes.

The picking process has become a lot more streamlined. The use of barcodes and the scanning software has meant that it has been very easy to train new staff within the business.

- Sid Samuels, Filtermax

Fishbowl features:
  • Multi-Location Stock - Track stock levels and sales across unlimited warehouses.
  • Price Levels - Create unlimited pricing structures. Whether they be by Customer, Customer Group, Product, Product Group, quantity break or date range.
  • Order Management - Ability to Track each order from Quote, to Sales Order, Pick, Pack and Ship. You know exactly where each order is up to and manage back orders easily.
  • Auto Purchase Order - Once min/max levels set have Fishbowl automatically draft Purchase Orders for you on a regular interval removing inefficiencies from your order process and avoiding stock-outs.
  • Bill of Materials & Work Orders. Create Bills of Material for manufacturing with sub assemblies and schedule via work orders. Have the system auto generate work orders if you build to a shelf level or trigger from a Sales Order.
  • Landed Costs - Have Fishbowl automatically apportion landed costs of good received provided a true cost of the item providing for more accurate margin reporting.
  • Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse - Add full scanning functionality to your warehouse floor for Stock takes, Picking Receiving and moving stock.
  • Plugins - With a growing range of plugins Fishbowl becomes your hub for your whole inventory business. Examples includes eCommerce integration's, Stock Forecasting, Fishbowl access from anywhere, Sales Rep apps for taking orders on the road, Online Dashboarding.
Why use this app?
  • Fishbowl’s integration with Reckon Accounts makes it simple for users to integrate manufacturing, sales and distribution processes with back office accounting.
  • Fishbowl offers various solutions to become your businesses central tool for inventory control with e-commerce integration and integration's with Phone Apps for Sales Reps to take orders. 
  • We offer extensive training and support resources through personalised onsite training, online tutorials, and our Australian Support Team.
Who is it for?
Fishbowl Inventory is designed for small to midsize companies (2-50 users) looking for a complete inventory management or manufacturing system without replacing Reckon Accounts for accounting.
How does it integrate with Reckon products?
Customer, payment and invoice data is shared between Fishbowl and Reckon Accounts Desktop.
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Fishbowl Warehouse / Manufacturing

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Inventory & Manufacturing

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Australia, New Zealand, United States

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Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution

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Yes - free 14 day trial 

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iPhone & Android smartphones, iPads & Android tablets, Windows & Mac

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