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Not the right third-party tool for you?

Link4 delivers invoices instantly from one cloud accounting system to another, with nothing to install and no additional processes.
If you receive invoices, Link4 takes away all of your data entry pain. No emails or PDFs to upload, no apps to deal with - just direct transferring of information that waits in Reckon for you to approve it. And suppliers can track the invoices they send, increase cash flow and know where their invoice is in the process.
Add-on features:
  • Non Invasive - nothing to install as it is cloud based.
  • Easy to Use - no need to change your processes in Reckon, just carry on as normal.
  • Simple - sign on line and get started immediately with 3 easy steps.
  • Cost Effective - You will love the time Link4 saves you, and if you process less than 10 invoices a month, it is free.
  • No Commitment - Month to month plans and you can end at anytime.

Try it - 30 days free trial so you can see how simple it is.

Why use this app?
  • Reduce Data Entry - all the information is delivered to your accounting system.
  • Control - You just have to assign it to an account and approve it when you are confident the invoice is correct. You maintain control.
  • Accurate - no data entry errors as the information is transferred as it was intended.
  • Better BI - Suppliers can track invoices through their journey, know who is paying when and create a measurable history.
  • Confidence - Suppliers know their invoice has been delivered and is not getting lost or deleted.
  • Better Cash Flow - with the invoice being delivered into the system faster, there are more chances it will be paid on time or early.
Who is it for?

Businesses that send or receive a lot of invoices will benefit the most - restaurants, hospitality, service industries, commercial real estate agencies, and accountants/bookkeepers

How does it integrate with Reckon products?
Customer and invoice data is shared between Link4 and Reckon One.
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