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Reckon One Certification

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Courses designed to help improve your skills using Reckon products.

The Reckon One certification process involves a series of short quizzes that covers key features of Reckon One Core system and its add-on modules such as Invoices, Projects and Bankdata.
The certification series will take around one hour to complete and you will be able to refer to workbooks and video tutorials along the way should you require more information.
You will have the opportunity to be certified in the following Reckon One modules:
  • Core 
  • Invoices 
  • Projects 
  • Bankdata 
  • Time & Expenses
Completing your Reckon One certification enables you to be eligible to become a Reckon Cloud Advisor. This free partner program for accountants, bookkeepers and software consultants rewards you with commission on Reckon One books, access to free training webinars & product education and exclusive invitations to Reckon events!
Access Recorded Webinars and WorkbooksOnline Courses

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Reckon Accredited Partner Accreditation Courses 

These courses are part of an Award and a prerequisite of becoming an Accredited Partner with Reckon. Awards are learning pathways made up of individual courses designed to guide you through the software and  make you become proficient in its use. This Award can be found on the NZ Reckon Training Academy. If you haven’t yet signed up to the Reckon Training Academy you can sign up for free 

Here are the courses part of this Award:

  • Reckon Accounts NZ - Basics
  • Reckon Accounts NZ - Introduction to lists
  • Reckon Accounts NZ - Tracking Inventory
  • Reckon Accounts NZ - Introduction to Units of Measure
  • Reckon Accounts NZ - Adjustment Notes and Refunds
  • Reckon Cloud POS Certification
  • Reckon One Certification

Once the course has been completed and the joining fee is processed you will receive all of the benefits of becoming an Accredited Partner.

Please call Esta Wild, Accredited Partner Manager on 0800 447 292 for further information!

Gain access to our previously recorded webinars and a range of How to Videos in our Reckon Training Academy

Core / The Basics
Administration & setup, user & roles, payments & receipts, dashboards, and budgets & reporting

Access in the Reckon Training Academy


Administration & setup, create customer invoices & receive payments, templates, supplier bills & reporting and the  approval process.

Access in the Reckon Training Academy


Track customers & suppliers, and manage items & review project reports. You will also learn about the creation of projects & sub-projects, and the process of invoicing customers & managing suppliers. This webinar will also cover the Time & Expenses module. Note: Some of the above features will require an active Invoice module.

Access in the Reckon Training Academy


Create bank connections & transaction rules, administrate the transfer of money and associated reporting. We will also review the creation of bank accounts and the 3 methods of bank transaction data entry.

Access in the Reckon Training Academy


Time & Expenses
Time & Expenses module tracks time spent on a particular project and account for all associated costs. Get instant timesheets and expense reports for jobs and gain additional insight into where money is being spent and how business is performing. When integrating this module with the 'Projects' or 'Invoices' modules, Reckon One becomes a comprehensive tool for logging time, staying on top of costs and billing clients & suppliers.

Access in the Reckon Training Academy