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Watch video tutorials to learn how to perform basic tasks in Reckon software.

Events designed to help improve your skills using Reckon products.

Step-by-step workbooks to walk you through exercises in Reckon software.

The Reckon One certification process involves a series of short quizzes that covers key features of Reckon One Core system and its add-onn modules such as Invoices, Projects and Bankdata.
The certification series will take around one hour to complete and you will be able to refer to workbooks and video tutorials along the way should you reqire more information.
You will have the opportunity to be certified in the following Reckon One modules:
  • Core 
  • Invoices 
  • Projects 
  • BankData 
  • Time & Expenses
Completeing your Reckon One certification enables you to be eligible to become a Reckon Cloud Advisor. This free partner program for accountants, bookkeepers and software consultants rewards you with commission on Reckon One books, access to free training webinars& product eduation and exclusive invitations to Reckon events!

Click here to watch short videos designed to help you master key functions in Reckon One.

Introduction to Units of Measure in Reckon Accounts

Introduction to Reckon Accounts Lists

Adjustment Notes and Refunds in Reckon Accounts

Reckon Accounts Basics

Tracking inventory in Reckon Accounts

Common user errors in Reckon Accounts

Reckon Accounts Hosted

Navigating the Core Module

Navigating the BankData Module

Navigating the Invoices Module

Navigating the Projects and Time and Expenses Module

Reckon One Mobile App including Invoices App

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Point of Sale Getting Started Webinar 

Reckon One Workbooks:

Reckon One Core Module Workbook

Reckon One Invoices Module Workbook

Reckon One Projects Module Workbook

Reckon One Time and Expenses Module Workbook

Reckon One BankData Module Workbook


Reckon Accredited Partner Course

Core / The Basics
Administration & setup, user & roles, payments & receipts, dashboards, and budgets & reporting

Small Businesses and Accountants / Bookkeepers

Track customers & suppliers, and manage items & review project reports. You will also learn about the creation of projects & sub-projects, and the process of invoicing customers & managing suppliers. This webinar will also cover the Time & Expenses module. Note: Some of the above features will require an active Invoice module.

Create bank connections & transaction rules, administrate the transfer of money and associated reporting. We will also review the creation of bank accounts and the 3 methods of bank transaction data entry.

Administration & setup, create customer invoices & receive payments, templates, supplier bills & reporting and the  approval process.

Time & Expenses
Time & Expenses module tracks time spent on a particular project and account for all associated costs. Get instant timesheets and expense reports for jobs and gain additional insight into where money is being spent and how business is performing. When integrating this module with the 'Projects' or 'Invoices' modules, Reckon One becomes a comprehensive tool for logging time, staying on top of costs and billing clients & suppliers.

Small Businesses and Accountants / Bookkeepers

Small Businesses and Accountants / Bookkeepers

Small Businesses and Accountants / Bookkeepers

Small Businesses and Accountants / Bookkeepers

At this three day accreditation course, you will learn the following skills to help you support and train your clients in Reckon Accounts and Reckon Accounts Hosted:

  • Setting up databases and preferences
  • GST Setup and understanding how Reckon Accounts handles this.
  • Advanced accounts receivable and payable
  • Job costing and advanced billing
  • Advanced stock setup and tracking
  • Advanced reporting and customisation
  • Database maintenance
  • Accountant features

Once the course has been completed an exam will be handed out which will test the skills you have learnt. Upon passing this exam you will receive all of the benefits of becoming an Accredited Consultant.

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Conflict in the Workplace Webinar

Conflict in human relationships, even good relationships, is inevitable. So learning how to manage conflict is a key skill for anyone who works in a team, interfaces directly with customers or has a supervisory or managerial role in an organisation.

Hosted by training specialist Tim Perry, this webinar aims to provide you with the techniques to identify the source of conflict and teaches you how to manage and resolve it quickly and with professionalism. Learn skills like how to compromise and negotiate, finding the root cause of the issue, the importance of forgiveness, anger management techniques and de-escalating challenging situations.

Tue 22 Feb I  3:00 - 4:00 PM  NZST

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Effective Communication Webinar

Communicating is at the heart of everything that we do so 'effective communication' is what really can make a difference. Hosted by training specialist Tim Perry, this webinar will look at and guide you through what is communication, the different components of communication including;

1. Awareness Addressing peoples “blind spots”
2. Speaking Skills for expressing
3. Listening Skills for understanding
4. Interacting Skills for choosing

The webinar will help you increase your skills and knowledge when it comes to communicating effectively.

Thu 1 Mar I  3:00 - 4:00 PM  NZST

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Working with Upset Customers Webinar

Do you know how to deal with an angry client or a frustrated customer? Learn how to resolve difficult situations calmly and effectively.

Hosted by training specialist Andrea Suarez, this webinar aims to help participants be able to: 

1. Determine the source of conflict and who is the responsible party
2. Investigate the situation thoroughly
3. Respond effectively
4. Explore options that encourage compromise or alternative solutions
5. Communicate a desire to help using active listening skills
6. Take actions that solve problems

Thu 5 Apr I  3:00 - 4:00 PM  NZST

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Time Management Skills Webinar

Discover how to eliminate time-wasters and watch your personal productivity soar.

Everyone starts with the same amount of hours–so why do some people seem to get so much more done? An inability to manage time efficiently can leave you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and unproductive.

Hosted by training specialist Andrea Suarez, this webinar offers practical techniques that you can use immediately to gain control over your day. You'll learn how to plan and prioritize more effectively while managing interruptions and distractions. 

1. Identify typical time-wasters and create solutions to overcome them
2. Set goals and objectives to get things done
3. Plan your day to accomplish what is important
4. Understand how technology affects your ability to accomplish your goals
5. Identify where you are spending time wisely and how you are wasting time
6. Record your activities to make the best use of your time and increase your productivity

Thu 12 Apr I  3:00 - 4:00 PM  NZST

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Working as a Team Player Webinar

Hosted by training specialist Andrea Suarez, this webinar aims to help teams develop the foundations for being more than just a ‘group’ by working with their leaders and team members to ensure:

1. Commitment to team purpose and direction
2. Shared goals, clear responsibilities and shared values
3. Effective team processes
4. A supportive team environment
5. Each person is taking responsibility to learn and continuously improve

Thu 19 Apr I  3:00 - 4:00 PM  NZST

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