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PM 10 - New Enhancements and Features

Practice Management 10.1
Bulk Email Correspondence


Practice Management


When wanting to type in a new client name to search on. No matter where you are on the screen press F9. This will take you to the top and highlight the existing name ready to type over.

Crtl 1

Activates Client band

Crtl 2

Crtl 3

Crtl 4

Crtl 4

Crtl E

Crtl A

Activates Matter band

Activates Workflow band

Activates XPA band

Opportunities (Or your sequence of bands, depending on your modules)


Crtl 5



File Menu displays 5 most recently viewed client records.

Plus all regular windows hot keys with the exception of italics, which in the Advance Console is Ctrl Shift I

“Where used” Right click on grey attribute name and select where used to filter on all records for this attribute.

Advance Console

Crtl P


Time Sheets


Crtl D

Diary view

Linked in

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