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Flexible Super Contribution Payments

SuperStream is the name of the new electronic payment system for employer superannuation contributions. Under the SuperStream legislation, employer contributions must be made by electronic funds transfer and contribution information must be provided via electronic messages sent to the trustee.

SuperStream replaces cheques, letters, emails and forms, which had to be send to each fund separately with a single upload containing the payment information for all funds.


How does SuperStream work?

The Federal Government has enacted legislation which requires every employer to pay funds electronically and to send to each fund a remittance advice in a standard electronic format. 

SuperStream has been introduced to ensure that employee contributions are processed by the superannuation funds in a timely manner and with far more accuracy than has been achieved in the past. Apart from the efficiencies to be gained by the funds, the employers will also achieve significant savings in more efficient practices.

Reckon One will produce one file containing the data to be sent to Ozedi, a SuperStream gateway, for distribution of remittance advices to the superannuation funds. Accordingly, Ozedi service allows you to pay your superannuation contributions directly from your bank account.

Service fees for contributions

The service is not free but pricing is based on your usage. The greater the quantity and size of uploads and downloads you make, the higher the cost. It is not based on the number of transactions processed. In the table below we have several tiers of pricing based on a range of the number of employees as this equates approximately to the size and frequency of the files you will be sending through for processing if you pay your employee’s superannuation once a month. Pick the tier that best suits you. If you regularly exceed the plan you choose, you will be able to move to a higher pricing tier without penalty.

Total No of Employees


Basic Plus




Price/Month Excl. GST

Price/Month Incl. GST

1 to 20



21 to 200

201 to 1000

1001 to 5,000








The minimum term for Reckon SuperStream services is one month – payment is made in advance of services provided and to cancel, just stop paying.

You can make payment for the following periods at the rate per calendar month in the table above:

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 12 months (10% discount provided)

PayPal will allow you to make payments via credit cards and, if you have a PayPal account, you can select to pay via EFT. PayPal will email you a receipt with the details of the services you have purchased for your records.

Register with Reckon SuperStream (powered by Ozedi)

Create your account and start using the SuperStream service via Ozedi directly.

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Reckon SuperStream powered by Ozedi

Reckon has partnered with Ozedi, one of a small number of SuperStream gateways available who accept data from employers and then provides a service to send superannuation contribution details through the SuperStream network to the receiving funds. The Ozedi SuperStream Gateway has been in production since SuperStream commenced in 2013 for rollovers between superannuation funds. The second phase of SuperStream handles the member contributions made by employers through to the superannuation funds of their employees.

Ozedi is completely independent and is not associated with banks or superannuation funds. We are employer focused with multiple solutions to assist you to be SuperStream compliant.

Using Reckon SuperStream

Reckon SuperStream powered by Ozedi does not handle the contribution payments which leaves the employer in control of their money until they are ready to pay. A unique option for Ozedi allows payment to be made using your own bank account and we provide all the banking information for uploading to an employer’s banking software.

Register on Reckon SuperStream Portal

Upload SAFF

Select to pay via EFT

SuperStream Compliant

In summary, Ozedi handles the data, not the money, and they also provide all the information required to facilitate the payments. A Payment Reference Number (PRN) links together the superannuation data and payment.

Superannuation Data Flow through Reckon SuperStream

As each file is uploaded the information is verified by Reckon SuperStream (powered by Ozedi) and then sent through SuperStream. The details for these payments are then included in the Payments List. This list contains the EFT details as well as the PRN.


Reckon SuperStream
(Powered by Ozedi)


Employer Confirmation


Your bank
(no need to pay in advance)


Super Fund


Employer data

Spreadsheet or SAFF

details with PRN


with PRN






Payment details


Direct EFT payment
You can pay your contributions directly from your bank account using your banking software. This is the optimum way SuperStream was designed to operate and means you can pay your superannuation on the day it is due. You control the payments rather than a third party determining the payment date and debiting your account in their timeframe.

Forget about clearing houses and go direct. Reckon SuperStream is not a clearing house so you pay your super yourself when you want to, not days or weeks before it is due.

The simpliest way to start Reckon SuperStream (powered by Ozedi)

Sign up for Reckon SuperStream
Enjoy the convenience and benefits.

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Forget about clearing houses and go direct. Reckon SuperStream is not a clearing house so you pay your super yourself when you want to, not days or weeks before it is due.

Sign up for Reckon SuperStream
Enjoy the convenience and benefits.

Reckon SuperStream

Powered by

If your business is looking for a low cost, easy to use SuperStream solution then Reckon SuperStream is the solution for you. This includes the SuperStream solution with the SAFF file, which allows employers to submit their superannuation to any gateway! It’s simple and convenient.

Ease of use




Electronically send your superannuation contributions and remittance advices to your clients in one internationally recognised data format.

Each business is allocated an electronic post-box linked to its unique ABN.The infrastructure is built to the rigorouos standards required by the Australian Taxation Office for SuperStream.

No more manual data entry and paper filing saves time and labour.

Your low-cost monthly subscription fee is based on the amount of bandwidth you use sending and receiving documents. A simple and transparent pricing model.

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Reckon SuperStream powered by OzediUsing Reckon SuperStreamSuperannuation Data Flow through Reckon SuperStreamHow does SuperStream work?Service fees for contributionsRegister with Reckon SuperStream

Pricing are in AUD

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Phone: 1300 737 614


Reckon SuperStream User Guide
To speak with the Reckon team directly, please call 1800 732 566.


American Express
In an Australian first, Ozedi allows you to pay your superannuation using an American Express card. This is a very simple process - you provide Ozedi with the data file generated from your payroll software and Ozedi generates a file containing the amounts to be paid to each superannuation fund. This file is passed to the payments hub and once the American Express card has been charged, Ozedi will send the SuperStream contribution advices to all of the funds.

Accredited Partners Account Manager Portal

With Reckon One Payroll Lite you can produce SAFF files to meet SuperStream compliance, or choose the Reckon One Payroll Medium to send Superstream compliant payments directly to Ozedi payment gateway, simplifying this process and saving you time.

We have partnered with Ozedi to bring you a seamless super contribution experience. With Reckon One Payroll Lite, you can produce SAFF files to meet SuperStream compliance, or choose the Reckon One Payroll Medium to directly submit super contributions for employees across multiple funds. Once submitted, the payment information is automatically send to Ozedi for their approval in the portal, allowing you to easily manage super contributions.

Reckon SuperStream simplifies the process and saves you time.