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Accredited Partner Accreditation Days

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Gold Coast:
22nd and 23rd March  

At this 2 day training event, you'll have the opportunity to become Accredited in Reckon Accounts, Reckon Accounts Hosted and Reckon One. Together with a brief insight into the Reckon POS system. You'll learn how to leverage the benefits of working with the Reckon Accredited Partner Program.

Led by respected Accredited Partner, Dave Bird – this is a hands on event, full of discussion & learning,
interaction and of course; loads of fun.
Reckon looks forward to your participation – whether it is to engage in
training on all aspects of the Reckon product suite or taking it further and becoming part of the elite Accredited Partner network through the accreditation process.
Enquire about our potential training dates in your nearest city or call 1300 653 449 for more information. 

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Events designed to help accountants, bookkeepers and business owners improve their skills using Reckon products

Presentation and Training Skills Workshops

Training Skills Workshop  -  $110 Including GST

Training session structure and commitment to knowledge-transfer shapes successful training environments.
This workshop would suit those that are committed to structured training of product or skills.
The Reckon Training Skills Workshop is designed to investigate a range of facilitation techniques and connect people with purpose.
Providing agendas, building rapport to engage an audience and knowledge of adult learning principals will be identified and discussed during the session.
Bring your wealth of product experience as the Reckon Training Team facilitates a collective learning experience on all things training.    
Learning Outcomes:
·         How to structure a satisfying session
·         Identify a Trainers facilitator guide
·         Cement learning activities
·         Effective training session skills


Presentation Skills Workshop - $110 Including GST

Through a combination of theory and activities, please join the Reckon Presentation Skills Workshop, which builds on existing skill sets leading to enhanced customer engagement.
This workshop would suit those that are involved in Conference, seminar or short presentations.
This 3hr Workshop will focus on the clarity & resonance of your message, increase your influence and rapport with stakeholders; both internal & external.
Participants will engage in a highly interactive session within a safe learning environment.
The Reckon Training Team looks forward to welcoming you to a session that will benefit your presence in the commercial market place.
Learning Outcomes:
·         Define & Plan subject matter
·         Identify action items for customers
·         Identify & produce concise contents for session
·         Reducing speakers stress & anxiety
·         Awareness of body language


Training Skills:

12th May 2017 | 9.00am Registration 9.30 -12.30pm
Presentation Skills:
12th May 2017 | 2.00pm Registration 2.30 - 5.30pm
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